The Case for TEAM Schools

TEAM Schools is a subset of KIPP, an organization which sponsors or otherwise helps the development of charter schools. In 2006, a good friend of mine became a founder and the principal of Rise Academy, a TEAM school with 180 current students in the 5th and 6th grades; over time, it will be expanded to 360 in grades 5-8. The results which the TEAM schools have yielded thus far have been impressive. Education generates long term social benefits to society and TEAM is situated in a location where the education choices available are poor.

They recently complemented their two middle schools with a new high school, Newark Collegiate Academy, so their short term funding needs are substantial. TEAM gets 73% of its funding from the Government, but that amounts to only half the per pupil public funding of an average Newark public school. Here, the impact of a marginal dollar of giving has a real and lasting impact in a place of great need.

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